It's Corn

A big lump with knobs

It has the juice! I can't imagine a more beautiful thing. When I tried it with butter, everything changed

Man texting on cellphone

Look on your phone. There's corn there.

Can you believe it? Corn is literally so good. It has buttery knobs that you can just bite into and they're delicious. I've never heard of a more magical thing than corn.

woman on facebook messenger

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man texting a company

Oops I'm a dummy

Gonna forget to add an image

Frustrated woman looking at computer

Some Corn FAQs

A big lump with knobs

Buttery greatness. IT's lifechanging

Yes, Sarah, it is in the other post types.

Time for you to try some corn

Click the button over there and get corn in your hands immediately


MAybe a partner?

These guys are pretty dope

You ever heard of Zerorez? Super cool stuff they're doing over there

Watch a demo