Text is the new waiting room at Choctaw Family Medicine.

Along with rapid changes come challenges and a growing need to adapt. Since COVID-19 surfaced, healthcare practices have been working around the clock to stay connected to patients and implementing solutions to ensure patients and staff alike receive the care they need.

Practices like Choctaw Family Medicine have been using text messaging to converse with their patients regarding the COVID-19 new policies and processes in relation to the virus.


They’re using texting to ask people to reschedule their appointments, or wait in their car until their appointment times to limit the patient-to-patient interactions and keep everyone safe. As part of a larger effort, practices like Choctaw are leveraging text-based tools to reduce further exposure to patients and staff as they work through this unique time of crisis.


A lot of healthcare providers are battling to protect those in their community and to ensure that everyone has accurate information on how to stay healthy. Limiting exposure between patients, especially potentially infected ones, is just one way healthcare providers like Choctaw Family Medicine are getting creative to stop the spread of the virus.



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