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Realizing the value of a good review with Creech Import Repair.

Podium is my secret weapon that helps me stay ahead of my competitors.

Imports Success with Podium


Stan Creech, owner of Creech Import Repair in Raleigh, North Carolina, realized a long time ago how valuable reviews are for businesses that want to continue attracting new customers.

Many businesses in his space are focused on traditional advertising, which Creech does as well. But starting in 2010, he also began investing in website design, SEO, and social media, which has also expanded to include online reviews.“Having a good online reputation with plenty of reviews greatly increases the effectiveness of any advertising,” related Creech.

To help ensure they had enough reviews, Creech turned to Podium in early 2017. What he liked most about Podium was how easy it was to use both for his employees and customers. Additionally, he likes how Messenger has added another layer of communication between the business and his customers, making it easier to engage with them on their preferred channels.

The Dashboard also helps him to have a better understanding of his online reputation as a whole, as well as how individual employees are performing on a granular level.“Podium is my secret weapon that helps me stay ahead of my competitors,” concluded Creech.


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