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Mario Aguilar Insurance wrangles customer communication in the heart of Texas.

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We make more sales because we save more time with the Messaging Platform.


Mario Aguilar Insurance Located in the heart of Texas, Aguilar Insurance offers home, auto and life insurance to friends and neighbors across their community.


Andrew, TX



The Challenge

Texas is hot right now and it’s not just the humidity. Ask anyone from the Lone Star State and they’ll happily tell you several reasons why. For Mario Aguilar, owner and operator of Aguilar Insurance it was about more than just fixer uppers. As a business owner in Andrew, TX, Mario was building his American dream–but lately it felt more like a nightmare. The insurance business is half sales and half service, but Mario and his team were getting bogged down with the wrong half. "More times than not, customers are about to leave town and they can’t find their insurance card.” said Mario.

The Solution

He felt a responsibility to take the mess out of messaging for his 1,500 plus insurance customers and eliminate redundant tasks for his staff of three. With a Rolodex the size of his home state and dreams of wrangling their customer communication into a single platform, Mario set off in search of a solution. It wasn’t long before Podium appeared on the horizon with an answer to Mario’s problem.

The Result

But rather than being the lone star, Mario set up Podium for his entire team. “I started by making a bunch of templates within the Messaging Platform for my team to use." said Mario. "Then as soon as we have a new or potential customer in our database, we can just shoot them a text so easily.” Fewer phone calls and improved communication meant Aguilar Insurance could now focus on growing the business. “I use the Messaging Platform to promote deals and cross-sell,” continued Mario, “it’s so fast and non-intrusive.” Mario’s customers loved being able to text the business and his coworkers weren’t saddled with answering calls all day. "We make more sales because we save more time with the Messaging Platform.” said Mario. Now that everyone is working together, Aguilar Insurance is headed for greener pastures.


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