A third-generation furniture retailer turns customers into family one text at a time.

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We just find text message to be so much less intrusive on people’s daily lives than a phone call.

The Challenge

When Lamoine Neal opened a furniture store in 1964, it was the first of its kind in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Five decades later, and the family is still in the furniture business. Today, Lamoine’s grandson John is running the company, which has grown to one of the largest furniture and appliance retailers in the state. Celebrating their 54th year in business, Neal’s Furniture has had their ups and downs according to John. “People don’t usually go out of their way to give your business a positive review, that’s why it’s so important to ask.”


The Solution

“Initially, when we reached out to Podium, we were trying to correct that, which we did pretty quickly,” said John. “What became more important to us was the customer conversations.” With the ability to text, Neal’s Furniture unlocked a convenient channel for talking to customers. “We get a lot of people that answer us back, I think it’s our best form of follow-up.” By putting themselves in their customer’s shoes, John and his team were able to communicate more effectively. “We just find text message to be so much less intrusive on people’s daily lives than a phone call.”

The Result

Customers weren’t the only ones benefiting from better communication at Neal’s Furniture.“We talk as a team, and get to our customers much faster.” said John. “Everybody in the office knows, when we get a Podium, someone is going to get it.” he continued. “It’s just a great way to control the conversation.” For John, the success of Neal’s Furniture is personal. Podium is another way they outshine the competition. “We all got the same product, a similar price, so how are we going to get this person to come back to us—it’s the experience.”


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