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Behind the scenes of a turbocharged review strategy at Park Place Dealerships.

increase in average monthly reviews
increase in average star rating
full-time employees
“We’ve still gotten a few 1-star reviews, but we’ve gotten so many four and five star reviews that the one-star reviews don’t affect us like they used to.”


Park Place Dealerships is a luxury car group with 16 locations and 3 certified collision centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Dallas, TX


Auto Sales

The Challenge

There’s nothing better than peeling out in a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo. That is, until driving too fast and furious parks your pony on top of a median during the morning commute. That’s where the collision center at Park Place Dealerships comes in–rebuilding luxury cars and restoring confidence to high-touch clientele. Unfortunately, not every driver left the repair shop in as good of condition as their vehicle, resulting in bad reviews for the dealership.

The Solution

You don’t have to be a drift king to know that bad reviews are bad for business. Eric McKenzie, Director of Body Shop Operations, was tired of a few negative nancy’s giving his reps a bad wrap. He explained, “Most of what people would take time to review, was when they had a bad experience, but we’ve got plenty of clients that have a great experience.” So when a coworker introduced Eric to Podium he said, “Yeah, we’ve gotta give this a shot.”

The Result

Once the integration with Podium was complete, Eric and his team were off to the races. “We had roughly 30 reviews over 5 years. Since adding Podium in late 2017, we’re now over 230.” Their online reputation is now reflective of the work Eric and his team do. “We’ve still gotten one-star reviews in that period, but we’ve gotten so many five-stars and four-stars that the one-star reviews don’t affect us nearly like they used to."

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