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The Challenge

Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture customers are passionate. Many travel from states away just to visit one of its 17 locations in search of high-end, heirloom furniture. While Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture has been in business for over 100 years—building a reputation for superior craftsmanship—its history with digital marketing is less storied. Leadership worried the company could be missing out on customer acquisition opportunities online.

“We don’t currently have online pricing,” says Alyssa Kurtz, Retail Marketing Manager with Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture. “Our fear was customers were choosing to shop with a local competitor because they weren’t able to find pricing online.

The Solution

When Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture implemented Webchat, the team expected to see chats trickle in, but the response was overwhelmingly positive. “As soon as we went live with Webchat, we had customers chatting in immediately,” says Kurtz. However, so many potential customers used Webchat that store managers from all 17 Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture locations soon took the lead to respond to local customers and provide tailored service.

The Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture team realized that this decentralization of communications benefitted both customers and stores. Kurtz says, “It’s a great platform for our customers to interact with us directly and it also gives our store teams the opportunity to know what our customers are looking for, what their needs are, and what questions they’re asking about our products.”

The Result

Webchat allows customers to connect quickly and easily with their local showrooms. Not only does this enable Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture to answer customer questions on demand, but it also provides the furniture designer with valuable leads.

“Customers are now able to chat in and send us the products they’re interested in so we can provide a price quote,” says Kurtz. “In many cases, this has resulted in that customer visiting the store and sometimes even purchasing the item they inquired about online.”

Even if customers don’t come into the store immediately, Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture locations still capitalize on Webchat. “If a lead comes in through Webchat, our showroom managers can assign the conversation to a designer so the designer can follow up with a text message, email, or even a phone call,” says Kurtz.

Stickley Audi & Co. Furniture has enjoyed its modernization of communication with customers. Kurtz says, “Podium has been a really positive experience for us. I would absolutely recommend it to any other furniture store.”

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