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Justin Kulchinsky

President, Mayfair Rocks

"If you're looking to increase your sales, increase the efficiency of collecting payment, and make it much simpler process for the customer; I would strongly recommend Podium Payments as an incredible sales tool for your business."


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Andrea Mascaro

Owner, Lux Bond & Green

"One of the ways for us to exceed in business is to keep ahead of the times. [...] [Podium] made us easier to work with, and it helped expedite the process for us."

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Jeff Corrigan

Vice President, Wilson Diamonds

"Podium has become an invaluable way to collect reviews and attract new customers to our store. Despite countless other review companies knocking on our door, we've stuck with Podium because their platform is simple, reliable, and robust. Over the years, Podium has added many effective features we've taken advantage of. Overall we've been supremely satisfied with the service."


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