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Positive Reviews

Why You Need to Respond and How to Do It

Customer reviews play an increasingly important role in the success of businesses. It doesn’t just apply to product reviews, like those on Amazon, either. Reviews of services, of dentists, of plumbers, or customer experiences at car dealerships – they’re all growing in number and importance. So why respond to positive reviews?

Chances are good that as a business owner you understand why you should respond to negative reviews. It allows you to mitigate a potentially damaging situation. It allows you to possibly turn a negative review into a positive review, or at least a neutral. It may even prevent a customer from choosing another business. However, did you know that it’s just as important to reply to positive reviews? Why is that? How should you go about doing it?

Why Should You Respond to Positive Reviews?

There are actually quite a few reasons that you should respond to positive reviews, even if all you do is basically thank them for taking the time to leave a review. One of the most important is that it helps to build loyalty in your customers. According to a recent study, 78% of consumers stated that they feel that a business cares more about them if someone replies to their review, whether that review is positive or negative.

Another benefit here is that responding to reviews helps you attract new customers. If a potential customer is on the fence between you and a competitor, and they’re reading online reviews for both companies to help narrow down their choices, do you think they would be more likely to choose the company that replied only to negative reviews, or the one that took the time to appreciate all customer reviews?

Replying to positive reviews also makes it easier to boost customer retention, as well. How much money does it cost you to attract and convert a new customer? It’s a lot. Now, how much money does it take to keep an existing customer? It’s far less. By replying to positive reviews, you show that you care about all of your customers, and encourage existing customers to stay with you.

Finally, replying to positive customer reviews builds credibility. It can increase your ranking in the search engines (local seo), and show that you’re not just a faceless corporation interested in padding the bottom line.

How Do You Respond to Positive Reviews?

While responding to positive reviews is not as delicate a process as replying to negative ones, it does require that you do more than just say “thanks!” and go on your way. Make things personal by calling the person by name (if possible). Next, find a genuine way of expressing your gratitude. Sometimes, something simple is best (Tom, thanks so much for the awesome review, for instance). However, if someone takes the time to write a lengthy review, you should take the time to do more than say thank you. That shows you’re invested in building strong relationships with your customers, and that you really do appreciate them taking the time to not only patronize your business, but to write a review about it. Finally, sign off with genuine emotion to cement the personal connection you created.

Positive Reviews: An Opportunity to Optimize

Replying to positive reviews is not just about customer retention and building loyalty. It can be an important tool for building online visibility. Use your business name and/or location in your reply when it makes sense to highlight a specific location or call out your own business. Attempt to mirror some of the details regarding the product or service in your reply, as well.

Replying to positive reviews can have some significant and profound benefits for your business. Make time for it regularly.


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