The Positives and Negatives of Receiving a Bad Review

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The Positives and Negatives of Receiving a Bad Review

Are Negative Reviews Bad?

Are negative reviews bad? Negative reviews can be both good and bad for your business. It’s all in how your business is responding to negative reviews or dealing with negative reviews. While they certainly aren’t the best thing for your company’s online reputation, they do provide a few benefits and opportunities that you should know about in order to take advantage of the situation.

If you to your employees how to respond to negative reviews, they will be better able to communicate the best responses to negative reviews. Having a fresh opinion and timeliness can be great tactics when learning how to handle negative reviews. For example, responding appropriately to a negative review could sway the unhappy customer into giving your company another chance, or even redacting their remark.

Below we’ll highlight some pros and cons and offer best practices that will help you stop a bad review in its tracks.

Con: Online reputation takes a hit

The biggest downside that comes from negative reviews is the hit your online reputation will take. Consumers put a lot of faith and trust in your online reviews. Businesses with a low overall star rating or with a large number of recent negative reviews will often be overlooked by consumers. According to research by BrightLocal, only 13% of consumers trust a business with a 1-2 star rating. A stray bad review here and there isn’t going to damage your overall reputation if they aren’t coming in on a regular basis.

Pro: Identify and fix problems

Bad reviews bring to light problems that you may not have known existed, allowing you to fix them before they spread across your entire organization. All feedback is good feedback as long as you use it to improve your business.

Con: Hurt employee morale

When customers call out individual employees by name in a negative review, it can have an adverse effect on their morale. For the most part, employees are trying hard and are striving to provide good customer service. That’s why you should always offer reassurances to the employee that they are doing a job and offer them opportunities to improve.

Pro: Opportunity to coach up employees

Mark Winters, eCommerce director at Tim Dahle Nissan, says, “I don’t ever look at a negative review as a setback. I look at it as an opportunity to improve.” That statement is true both for your business as well as your employees. Online reviews will help you identify in real time which employees might need extra help and give you the opportunity to coach them up.

How to handle a bad review

Not all of your customers who have a bad experience are going to leave a negative review. In fact, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, only 1 in 26 customers will take the time to complain publicly. That’s why when you do get a bad review you should take it very seriously.

A lot of times, customers just want to know that you are listening to them and care about their feedback. Responding to negative reviews is a good way to do that. When responding to negative feedback online you should first acknowledge the problem, apologize, offer a solution, and then take the conversation offline. We have found that following those four steps will go a long way toward making things right and restoring trust with your customers.


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