Podium Rebrand

The Color of Convenience

An evolution of Podium’s brand and product.


When Podium began in 2014, the idea was simple: help businesses collect online customer reviews.

To do this, we developed a single reviews product that solved a single problem. And it worked. In fact, it worked better than we could’ve ever anticipated. In four short years, we had more than 130,000 users, raised over $36 million in funding, while adding nearly 300 employees to our team.

As the company grew, so did our vision. We realized there were more problems facing local business owners—problems we could solve—like improving customer interactions, streamlining feedback, and helping businesses gauge satisfaction. Last year, we added our second product, Messenger, and today we announced our third product, Webchat, the easiest way to convert website visitors into walk-in customers.

While our size, vision, and every other aspect of our company grew, our brand failed to grow with it. Internally, we were operating as a world-class organization. But externally, our brand still portrayed the small reviews company we once were.

A sea of imitation

We were also getting lost in a sea of imitation. Even though we deliver better results and offer a wider range of products, it became nearly impossible for us to stand out. Before we knew it, other reputation management and text messaging tools followed suit with hues of bright green and navy blue. If someone hadn’t used our product, it was hard to differentiate at a glance.

Ultimately, the Podium brand was not reflective of who we are, what we offer, or what we believe. And that’s why it had to change.

After six months of research, design, and development, we are proud to introduce the new Podium: a multi-product platform with an updated look, feel, and tone.

Redefining Podium

When we began this brand refresh, we knew we wanted to accomplish three things:

  • Develop an external brand that matched our internal culture  
  • Create an identity that could grow with us and set us apart
  • Introduce our new family of products

The driving inspiration behind the refresh was our culture. Spend 60 seconds inside our office and you’ll immediately feel our explosive energy. Yes, we are a team of creators and innovators, but more importantly, we are hustlers. We set goals and expectations that companies twice our size wouldn’t dream of.  

Crazy ambition is the DNA of Podium. It was important that this feeling was reflected in our brand, which led us to three defining attributes:  

  • Bold: We are fearless, confident, and direct. We aim to be the best.
  • Dynamic: We are quick on our feet and our energy is explosive.
  • Refreshing: We are unexpectedly delightful yet grounded in reality.



Look, feel, and tone

Color – First things first: we had to ditch the lime green. We replaced our expected and dated color palette with something a little more out of the ordinary.

Typeface – We needed a clean and engaging font that could cut to the chase. Meet Graphik, a typeface that can captivate any audience.

Voice & Tone – Podium sounds like our founder;

  • Ambitious and humble,
  • Youthful and intelligent,
  • Confident but not cocky,
  • Clever and concise, without time for B.S.



The product

The Podium refresh isn’t just about elevating our look. It’s about redefining and expanding our product.

Something that makes Podium unique is how well we understand the modern consumer. We understand that appearing at the top of a Google search is critical for a local business. We know that 93%  of consumers make purchase decisions based on reviews, and 90% prefer messaging over other forms of communication. Most importantly, we know that today’s consumers don’t just expect convenience from tech products; they expect it from local businesses.

These behaviors shaped the way we designed and created our newly defined family of products: the Messaging Platform, Reviews, Webchat, and Feedback.







Messaging Platform (Formerly Messenger) – Every interaction in Podium happens through the Messaging Platform—one simple inbox for texts and messages from Facebook, Google, and more. Whether it’s a review invite or an NPS survey question, this is the foundation for everything Podium helps your businesses accomplish.





Reviews – Our bread and butter, Reviews is the same as you’ve always known and loved it to be.





Webchat – A more limitless approach to traditional chat, Webchat allows your website visitors to text you. That way, you can both take the conversation on the go and respond on your own schedules.





Feedback – Your customers need a simple way to provide feedback and you need a simple way to digest it. Do both from one platform with Feedback.

What’s next

In the next few months, we’ll roll out more details of the new brand. Though the colors you see, headlines you read, and buttons you click may look a little different from before, know that this is the most authentic Podium yet.