Every interaction happens here.

Whether it’s winning more leads, earning repeat customers, or doing more as a team—see how Podium powers local businesses with software for modern, convenient interactions.

Welcome to the Interaction Platform™


Conveniently connect.

Connect with your customers on their favorite channels, whether they started on Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messaging, or even your website.


Consolidate interactions.

Every interaction from your leads, customers, and team members comes to your Podium platform so you can respond quickly without jumping from inbox to inbox.


Communicate in context.

With Podium, you’ll have context for every conversation. Pick up the conversation at any time and you’ll have a complete history of every interaction.

“We had our call center guys going from Zendesk to Facebook Messenger to the reviews. Now that it’s just all on one system, it makes it a lot easier to manage and make sure that nothing gets forgotten.”


Jenn Nicole

Marketing Coordinator
Interaction Platform™


Every interaction from your leads, customers and team members managed in a single Interaction Platform.

podium interaction platform
Lead Interaction™


Allow your website to start capturing more leads with a simple chat tool that sends conversations to text.

Lead Interaction™


Attracting leads online starts with reviews. Text review invitations to your customers and strengthen your star rating in seconds.

Customer Interaction™


Your customers need a simple way to provide feedback. And you need a simple way to digest it. Do both from one platform.

Team Interaction™


Empower your team to connect, collaborate, and get more done—all from the same platform where you interact with leads and customers.


Insights that make an impact.

Spot review trends.

See positive and negative keywords that your customers frequently mention in reviews.

Watch the leaderboard.

Identify high and low performers on your team and incentivize employees to collect feedback.

Compare the competition.

Learn how you compare to your competitors online and see who’s leading the market.

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