Tools built for your small business.

Easily integrating with the systems you already use, Podium powers over 100,000 businesses to gather reviews, get paid, and run things smoothly through text. Start a trial today to see how Podium can work for you.

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Everything you do well, done faster through text.

Bring every conversation into one easy-to-use inbox.

No matter where the conversation starts, Podium lets your team collaborate more efficiently, resolving customer concerns and closing deals in a fraction of the time. Assigning conversations to specific employees, creating focused channels and defining permissions is all at your fingertips.

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The most trusted messaging tools for local business.

Podium’s suite of messaging tools have been recognized by G2 on its lists for Highest Satisfaction, Top Marketing Products, Fastest Growing Solutions, and Best Solutions for Small Business.

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Built to play nice.

Podium integrates with top software solutions, many of which you may already use. More integrations are being built all the time, making it easy to automate more actions and drive more convenient conversations with your customers.


of the people who come through our doors started their conversation with Couch Potatoes on our website through Webchat.

Brian Morgan

Austin's Couch Potates

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Move your business forward with confidence.

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Podium's messaging tools have been built for ease of use and we're constantly improving them. If you ever run into unique challenges, our support team can give you personalized support.

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Take conversations off of personal devices and move them instead to a shared company inbox, so you can set permissions and collaborate with increased efficiency, convenience, and security.

Ready to grow?

Grow and scale your business with an all-in-one lead management platform.