Solutions Driven by Customer Reviews

Online Review Management

As a business owner or manager, having insights into every corner of your business can be difficult. Podium helps solve this problem by keeping you aware of customer reviews, feedback and experiences. The Podium dashboard won’t only show you all of the great reviews your business is getting, but also the customer feedback with key insights to help you grow & manage your business.


  • See all of your online reviews
  • Get notified every time your business gets feedback and reviews
  • Gain insights into employee and business performance
  • Generate 100s of reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and more
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Improve Business Operations

It’s nearly impossible to improve day-to-day operations if you’re unsure of what is and is not working. With Podium, you’ll discover transparency in your business and quickly be made aware of efficiencies that you can improve upon or validate operational changes you’ve made. Through customer feedback¬†and reviews you can effectively drive positive experience for your customers and efficiency for your business.


  • See real-time customer feedback
  • Find new, potentially undiscoverable, efficiencies for your business
  • Test and alter operational changes
  • Get notified of new customer feedback and reviews
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Customer Interactions for Marketing

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business? Podium allows your business to take a pro-active approach to building and managing your online reputation. With Podium you can see online reviews from the most influential review sites, send business review invites via text message, and monitor new reviews as they go live — all resulting in increased local SEO and brand trust for your business.


  • Improve local SEO on search engines like Google
  • Increase brand trust for more foot traffic to your business
  • Build a well-balanced review portfolio to increase your online exposure
  • Manage all your Google My Business and Facebook messages
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