Lead Interaction™

Collaborate with Teamchat.

Empower your team to connect, collaborate, and get more done—all from the same platform where you interact with leads and customers.

Everything you do well—done better.


All from one inbox.

Simply manage all your internal communications within Podium. No unopened emails. No phone transfers. Just frictionless messaging.


Collaborate with context.

Share and collaborate on lead and customer conversations with your team on the same platform where those conversations are managed.


Connect from anywhere.

Instantly connect with your employees whether they're out in the field, on the sales floor, or at another location.

"We love the transparency and how it unifies our team."


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Nicole Smith

Assign customer conversations.

Chat about and assign tasks responding to inbound leads, customer questions, and new reveiws—all in the same place they were received.

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Send direct and group messages.

Keep every member of your team on the same page at the same time by simply sending direct and group messages.

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Send pictures, videos, and more.

Share images, videos, GIFs, and attachments with your team instantly so they always have everything they need to deliver great experiences.

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Adjust notification preferences.

Stay focused on what's most important by getting all the messages and updates you need, and filtering out the ones you don't.

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