Customer Interaction™

Get face to face with Videochat

Video chat software that makes connecting remotely with customers as easy as sending a text.

If you're going to call, make it count.


Personalize their experience.

Stand out from the competition by connecting with customers the way they prefer. Videochat allows you to respond more meaningfully to detailed customer questions and provide a more personalized experience.


Shorten the sales cycle.

People prefer texting because it’s faster and easier—and they prefer Videochat for the same reasons. What used to require customers multiple visits to your business can now be done remotely in a single conversation.


No contact necessary.

Sometimes it’s hard for customers to tell you exactly what they’re looking for. It’s easier to just show you. That’s why local businesses and their customers prefer Videochat to more traditional methods of communication.

"Some conversations are hard to have over text. There can be a lot of back and forth. We want to provide an opportunity to have deeper conversations remotely."

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Software you already know how to use.

Podium Videochat requires no training. It’s straightforward and intuitive for your employees and your customers.

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Move quickly between text and video.

You send a text link to your customer through your Podium Inbox, your customer clicks the link, and you’re instantly connected for a face-to-face video chat. It’s as easy as that.

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Protect patient privacy.

Podium Videochat uses security measures that comply with the HIPAA Security Rule, allowing you to chat with patients without worrying.

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Other features:

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Virtual appointments

Keep seeing patients for their appointments from a safe distance.

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Screen sharing

Share your desktop screen so customers can see what you’re looking at.

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Ability to flip your camera

Use your mobile device to flip back and forth between selfie and regular modes.

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No app download required

Your customers don’t have to download an app—all they need to do is open the text and click the link.

Watch the demo to get started.