2021 Local Business Messaging Trends Report

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2021 Local Business Messaging Trends

Messaging has taken over. Yet only 12% of local businesses use it as a marketing tool. Why? Most don’t know how to take advantage of this opportunity. Our research shows it’s the most effective, engaging communication tool there is. And your customers are begging for it.

We interviewed over 1,000 consumers across the United States and Australia to understand what customers expect from local business communications and how they want you to connect with them.

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Your customers are done with phone tag and email.

Consumers have spoken: they want to message you. The opportunity for local businesses to give customers what they’ve been asking for is here—and it’s make or break.

People want conversations, not communications.

74% of your customers are more likely to text you if they know a real person is going to respond. It’s one thing to message your customers, but opening the door to a two-way conversation is now a key differentiator.

They want local business in their inbox.

Think SMS marketing isn’t right for local businesses? Think again. Consumers report that SMS marketing messages would be more welcome in their inboxes if they were from local businesses. And they want to hear from you more often than you’d think.

And that’s just the beginning.

Read our full 2021 Local Business Messaging Trends report to learn what your customers want, how to give it to them, and the messaging practices that will help you corner your market.