2022 State of Local Business Report

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2nd Annual State of Local Business

A lot has happened since we released our 2020 State of Local Business report. And we thought it was important for you to know what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and what’s going to determine success in 2022

We surveyed 1,304 consumers and 923 business respondents across the US, Canada, and Australia to help you turn an unpredictable 2021 into an unstoppable 2022.

There's major optimism across the board for 2022.

And it’s not unfounded. According to our findings, huge opportunities lie ahead for businesses that invest in their customer experience now.

2021's top challenges bring efficiency to center stage.

With labor and inventory top of mind this year, many businesses have turned their focus to efficiency—especially as consumer demand has continued to increase.

Businesses are investing in tech to assist their employees.

With staffing and hiring at the forefront this year and into next, businesses are investing in technology to make their employees’ lifts lighter.

Consumers continue to expect more convenience.

It’s true that your customers want pandemic-friendly services to stay. However, they also expect more convenience—more digital and mobile communication options and contact-free transactions.

Customers love local.

Even with current challenges, consumers actively seek out local business. While you should aim for Amazon-level convenience, you should lean into what your customers prize you for—being local.

And that's just the first page.

These are just some highlights from the 2nd Annual State of Local Business report. Download the full report to get more insight into what you can expect from your customers in coming months and years, how to increase your operational efficiency, and how to retain your employees in the midst of a turbulent marketplace.